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Dança sem vergonha
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David Marques

Torres Novas, 1985. Degree in Dance – Show Branch, at ESD-IPL.
He began his work as a choreographer in 2007 with support from EIRA. He has focused on the issues of the gaze and time, creating spaces of improbable relationships in his work. He created ‘Future Plans’, ‘KIN’, ‘Conquest’ and ‘Dança Sem Vergonha’. With Ido Feder he created the trilogy ‘Bête de Scène’/’Images de Bêtes’/’THE POWERS THAT B’. With Tiago Cadete he created ‘Apagão’, a piece in the dark and ‘Critique’. He was nominated for the SPA Authors Award ‘Best Choreography’ with ‘Ressaca’ and received that award for ‘Mistério da Cultura’. As a performer he worked with Francisco Camacho, Filipa Francisco, Tiago Guedes, Lígia Teixeira, Maya Levy&Anando Mars, Bosmat Nossan, Loic Touzé, David Wampach, Lucie Tuma, Raquel Castro, Tiago Vieira and Emily Wardill. He has directed laboratories at the Forum Dance in Lisbon, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, SIDance in Seoul and Danslab in Brussels. He was a guest lecturer at ESD.