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Le Striptease du Flamant Rose

Emilie Jacomet

Also known as Jack, Emilie was born in Florida, United States. After several years of intense dance training in Europe, she settled in Paris to work as a freelance, with companies and choreographers such as Redha Benteifour, Christine Hassid, Michael Cassan. Fascinated by the visual arts, she began to mix dance and video in projects initiated by her own collective, HERSELVES, and in collaboration with the Parisian film production house Make2Work. She attended the international academy SEAD, in Austria, and entered the contemporary scene as a performer in several European cities. In 2014, Jack became a production assistant for David Hernandez and collaborated on several projects. In 2016, she founded HER, a company that offers photographic and video recording services specialized in the performing arts. She regularly teaches dance and other technics, such as yoga, body work or pilates. To this day, Jack continues to develop her own oeuvre, researching and critically questioning the self-representation and representation of women in society.