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© Hugo Rodrigues

Filipa Matta

Graduated in theatre at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, she finished her course in São Paulo at USP/ECA, in an exchange program between schools. She attended the choreographic research and creation course at PEPCC.
She has collaborated as an actress and staging assistant in projects in the areas of theatre, cinema and performance with names such as Pedro Gil, Tónan Quito, Animateatro, Hugo Pedro, Ricardo Teixeira e Ivo Silva, Rodrigo Pereira, Tiago Rodrigues, Raquel Castro, Isabel Costa, Óscar Silva, Terceira Pessoa, Os possos and Leonardo Moura Mateus.
From her creations she highlights the works “Memória individual implicit or explicit” (2016) and her last creation, at the invitation of RTP2, “Bioluminescência” (2019).