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Mysterious Heart
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Tânia Carvalho

Tânia Carvalho (Viana do Castelo, 1976)

Best known as a choreographer, with a career spanning over two decades, Tânia Carvalho is a multidisciplinary artist whose talent extends to other areas such as music, drawing and cinema, both in Portugal and abroad.

Tânia Carvalho has an impressive portfolio of artistic creations, frequently collaborating with other companies such as the Lyon Opera Ballet (“Xylographie”), the Company of Elders in London (“I Walk, You Sing”), the National Ballet of Portugal (“S”), the Paulo Ribeiro Company (“How will I do this?”), Dançando com a Diferença (“Doesdicon”), Ballet National de Marseille (“one of four periods in time, ellipsis”), Tanzmainz Company (“Mysterious Heart”), among many others.

Tânia Carvalho has been developing several musical projects, of which stand out “Madmud”, “Idiolecto” and “dubloc barulin”. In 2018, she directed “A Bag and a Stone – dance piece for screen”, her first film. In 2021, Tânia Carvalho formed, with the musician and performer Matthieu Ehrlacher, the duo Papillons d’éternité. Since then, they created and presented “Pieris Napi”, “Greta Oto”, “Lyropteryx Appollonia” and “Nymphalis Antiopa”.

Tânia Carvalho was awarded with the Young Creators Award 2000, with “Inicialmente Previsto” (1999), and received the Best Choreography Prize by the Portuguese Society of Authors, for “Icosahedron” (2012) and “onirorauta” (2021). Within the scope of France-Portugal Season 2022, Théâtre de la Ville dedicated a special focus to Tânia Carvalho’s work, presenting many of her pieces in Paris throughout the year. In 2023, Tânia Carvalho was decorated by the French Ministry of Culture with the insignia “Chevalier de L’ordre des Arts et des Lettres”, as a tribute to her contribution to cultural enrichment in the country.