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Caminha para um lugar de força

Sara Anjo


Caminha para um lugar de força (“Walk to a place of strength”) is an artistic proposal for walking with a somatic political dimension. It works on the body’s relationship with the territory and the surrounding ecosystem, by questioning what is the center and the periphery of a place.

It is also a proposal to meet the public, as a temporary community, which will go through a hybrid performative format:

– The guided tour, giving value to the history and context of the place

– The workshop, developing together with the public practices and exercises of relationship and awareness of the body and movement, as well as practices of well-being and self-care

– The performance, proposing collective and ephemeral artistic interventions along the route.

This walking proposal seeks above all to share with the public a source of experiences and the refocusing of attention, without leaving a footprint. Walking implies the transformation of the place and its meanings and the change in perceptions that arises when crossing a territory. It is a form of landscape transformation that, while leaving no tangible marks, results in a transformation of the place itself.

Artistic and Technical Information

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artistic direction: Sara Anjo
production: agência 25
communication coordination: Maria João Bilro
administration, financial management: Vítor Alves Brotas
executive production: Menosmuitomais CRL | Rita Maia
diffusion: Cliff Catalyst | Pia Kramer