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Critique is a spa by David Marques and Tiago Cadete, which offers treatments that promote critical thinking on the performative arts. The project CRITIQUE takes place in two phases, one digital and one live. In the first phase, between July and December, 2020, a website was created, which is a platform through which one seeks to think about critique in the performative arts in Portugal, both from the point of view of the critic as well as the points of view of the artists and public. On the site you can find proposals for critical reflection for the users about shows they have seen throughout their lives, a bibliography and interviews with critics or people who have made critiques on dance and theatre in Portugal in the last few decades, as well as artists (Rui Pina Coelho, Claudia Galhós, Maria José Fazenda, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, Mónica Guerreiro, Paula Varanda, Jorge Louraço Figueira, Gonçalo Frota, Ana Pais, Eugénia Vasques, Francisco Camacho, Raquel André, João dos Santos Martins, Victor Hugo Pontes, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, among others). With this platform, we intend to not only begin researching for the performance/installation, but also create a space for public reflection within and outside of the artistic community.

Artistic and Technical Information


Artistic direction and research: David Marques and Tiago Cadete
Design: Diogo Brito
Financial management and administration: Vítor Alves Brotas
Co-production: agência 25, Co-pacabana and PARCA
Partnership: Fundo de Fomento Cultural