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Caryl Churchill, one of the most important figures in universal dramaturgy has, in Distante (Far Away), one of her biggest bursts of surrealist and visionary humour, portraying a society consumed by fear. In it, the border between truth and falsehood is blurred to the point that the reader is never given the necessary clues for assessing what in fact is the characters´ degree of conscience and intentionality. Few texts are as frighteningly current as this one, from 2000, in which the dystopic reality we are presented with actually seems so similar to our own time. Taking advantage of, precisely, the freedom of interpretation the text offers the reader, the show intends to explore the tenuous borders between the binomials good and bad, correct and incorrect, true or false, and thereby instigate a reflection on the control of the Oher through Fear, and on the intrusion of Power on that which are each one´s individual liberties, one of which we gave up, more readily than we imagined.

Artistic and Technical Information


Text: Caryl Churchill
Staging: Teresa Coutinho
Translation: Paulo Eduardo Carvalho
With: Inês Dias, Inês Vaz, Maria João Vaz, Nuno Pinheiro, Tânia Alves,
Tanya Ruivo (on video)
Light design: Daniel Worm
Costumes: Inês Ariana
Scenography: Ângela Rocha
Choreography and movement: Teresa Coutinho
Sound design: Lúcia Pires, Teresa Coutinho
Video: Lúcia Pires
Creation assistance: Lúcia Pires
Movement assistance: Tânia Carvalho
Stage mechanisms: António Quaresma
Set design assistance: Madalena Garcia
Executive production: Cláudia Teixeira
Communication: Inês Lampreia
Financial management and administration: Vítor Alves Brotas
Production: Agência 25
Co-production: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura | DGARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes and Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores
Thanks to: António Gonçalves, Barba Azul, Filipe Ferreira, Leonardo Garibaldi, Leonor Carpinteiro, Manuela Santos, Margarida Soares de Pinho, Pedro Carraca, Rafael Gomes, Rita Westwood, SIC – Sociedade Independente de Comunicação, Simão Pamplona, Teatro da Cidade and Vasco Coutinho.

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