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Grasped by Intuition

© Rui Palma


Doing a solo that would be a lyric abstractionism.
But this body is a human form, and, on stage, it is figurative of that same form. Even though it is figurative — in the sense that it represents — it can, by way of an exercise, be composed of movements as if in a lyrical abstractionism. Or is it rather a stylized figurativism?

(A solo between lyrical abstractionism and figurativism).

Once it is figurative, what once was abstract ceases to be so. And immediately something else adds itself to it (current). One single person, alone on a stage, hardly avoids not to be so … but is someone else here? I’ve been here for so long. What is this? What are these things? Oh! It’s me! Where am I? I’m stuck in this place. Are they (chains)?*

*The portuguese word “corrente” – from the latin currens (running, hastening) – means both “movement”, in the sense of an artistic movement, and “chain”,as in being chained, restrained or confined to such a movement.


Artistic and Technical Information


choreography, interpretation: Tânia Carvalho
music: XNX
light design: Anatol Waschke, Tânia Carvalho, Zeca Iglésias
promotional photography: Rui Palma
promotional video: Manuel Guerra
production: Tânia Carvalho
executive production: João Guimarães
coproduction: Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Aveirense
artistic residency: Centro Cultural Vila Flor; O Espaço do Tempo; Teatro Viriato