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Promesse is a theater and dance piece created by Anne Rehbinder and Antoine Colnot (HKC Company), with choreography by Tânia Carvalho.

Artistic and Technical Information

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Text: Anne Rehbinder
Stage direction: Antoine Colnot
Choreography: Tânia Carvalho
Artistic collaboration: Anne Jeanvoine
Music: Olivier Slabiak
Set design, lighting: Laïs Foulc
Costumes: Camille Penager
Stage manager: Daniel Ferreira
Performance: Marie Buysschaert, Milane Cathala-Di Fabrizio, Guila Mbikinkam, Camille Mezerette, Shihya Peng, Anne Rehbinder, Antoine Colnot
Production: Compagnie HKC / Direction artistique Anne Rehbinder et Antoine Colnot