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Sem Medo

© Filipe Ferreira


In writing “Sem Medo”, Teresa Coutinho was inspired by Miguel Granja’s book, “Simão Sem Medo”. In this show, Simone, a brave girl, takes us on a journey through her dreamlike universe, in search of someone she has lost and her place in the world. Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, Simone also goes through the looking glass, but in search of her grandmother, in a journey in which she confronts the experience of mourning, the specificity of the other and what courage and bravery really are. “Sem Medo” gives us back a plural world, with a strong video component, which allows us to expand the limits of physical space and thus take us through many of the places visited by the character and the obstacles she encounters on her “heroine’s journey”. A child’s contagious courage is measured by her openness to the unknown, reminding us that “not being afraid is being able to simultaneously look inwards and look at the other”.

Artistic and Technical Information


Inspired by: Simão Sem Medo, by Miguel Granja
Creation and text: Teresa Coutinho
Creative support, video: Lúcia Pires
Light design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Assistant light designer: Pedro Nabais
Costumes: Bárbara Felicidade
Hat construction: Nuno Tomaz
Props construction: Inês Dias
Sound design: Lúcia Pires, Teresa Coutinho
Interpretation: Ana Baptista, Ana Valentim, Cláudio de Castro, Tânia Alves
Executive producer: Leonardo Garibaldi
Technical direction, sound and video ops: Filipe Silva
Promotional photography: Bruno Simão
Stage photography: Filipe Ferreira
Administration: Janine Lages
Financial management: Vítor Alves Brotas
Production: Agência 25
Residencies: Companhia Clara Andermatt, Companhia Olga Roriz, Espaço Alkantara, Fábrica das Artes, Fórum Dança
Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém, Teatro Nacional São João
Support: FX Roadlights

  • © Filipe Ferreira
  • © Filipe Ferreira
  • © Filipe Ferreira
  • © Filipe Ferreira
  • © Filipe Ferreira