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Todos os inícios acabam em dó

© Vera Marmelo


All beginnings end in a C is a collection of beginnings. It is a play, a book, a record and a reading session, potentially.

Two bodies push each other, in order to know each other. A stage begins to melt. Doors open at the far end of an empty room. A landscape, a horizon, a drawing. The inundation is noticed only when water reaches the knees. A postcard which begins with the phrase c’est un début. Some unsent letters and others not replied to. A song whose excerpts end with the C note. An end without a C. An emptying of a body inside. and the possibility of starting everything anew, continually.

Through movement, the word, drawing and music, a multiplicity of beginnings is being built and dramaturgically stitched together between the territories of the real and the imagination, between biographical histories and their fiction.

Artistic and Technical Information


Concept, performance and text: Mariana Viana and Marta Ramos
Scenography and costumes: Mariana Viana and Marta Ramos
Sound: Marta Ramos
Dramaturgy assistance: Alex Cassal
Residency support: Fórum Dança, Alkantara (as part of the project Studio 25: Sabotage)
Running time: 70 min approx.