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Nymphalis Antiopa
Lyropteryx Appollonia
Greta Oto
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Papillons d’éternité

Papillons d’éternité (Tânia Carvalho & Matthieu Ehrlacher) are an entity, an artistic duo that came together in 2021 and has been developing several projects. From then on, they have created Pieris Napi, an always-in-process concert that works on traditional Portuguese music through the collection of notes, harmonies and rhythms; Greta Oto, a sound experiment, a musical journey and a vehicle into the night in the format of a concert; and Lyropteryx Appollonia, a project that explores an alternative side electronic dance music. With Nymphalis Antiopa, they debut in a dance piece where, in addition to being choreographers, they are also performers. Papillons d’éternité have been presenting their works in several contexts, such as National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Théâtre Lethes in Faro (both with BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts), Théâtre Les Abbesses in Paris (Portugal-France Cross Season 2022), Jardin de l’évêché (Uzès Danse Festival), LuxFrágil in Lisbon, Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro 2024 – Portuguese Capital of Culture), Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix (Festival Le Grand Bain) or Klap – Maison pour la Danse in Marseille.