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There is the poetry of things, of the thing in itself, the sun that irradiates from things, of their essence. Essence, that which breathes in its great innocence. The unconscious. There is the observer, the poet, the performer, the one eternally in love who wants to possess. He wishes to be poetry, so he tries to align himself to that beauty. Because it is not possible to carry it in its entirety, only in part – flowerpots for plants, cages for birds, aquariums for fish, boxes for stones and shells, jars for sand and soil, houses for cats and dogs, refrigerators for ham and baked fish, windows to view the sea and other things – the poet subject will create property to contain such beauty, to be its detainer.

The years go by and he notices that none of his efforts worked. His proximity to the poetry of beauty was a mistake; in fact, he is further from it than ever. The poet did not accept the freedom of things and as a consequence did not accept his own freedom. The end of his own beauty. He is unsatisfied, so he destroys, he cannot help himself. He commits suicide with his things. Despite the fatality of this event, the poet alleges that he only did it for love. And in his suicide note, he tells us: Destroy the house, end of story. Destroy the warehouses, the fortresses, legacies, museums, walls, so that we can see the sea.

Artistic and Technical Information


Artistic direction and staging: Filipa Matta
Direction: Salomé Martins
Co-creation and interpretation: Beatriz Garrucho, Catarina Real, Filipa Matta, Helena Ribeiro, Inês Brites and Isabel Costa
Scenography: Filipa Matta and Isabel Costa
Sound and original music: Benjamim Castanheira
Costumes: Catarina Real, Filipa Matta and Inês Brites
Master Seamstress: Rosário Balbi
Dramaturgical support: Leonardo Moura Mateus
Technical advice: Artur Pispalhas
Cameraman: Eduardo Lopes, Sílvia Neves, Nuno Ferreira
Executive production: Beatriz Garrucho, Filipa Matta, Helena Ribeiro, Isabel Costa, Vítor Alves Brotas
Production: agência 25 / RTP
RTP Production: Céu Tavares Pinto
Residences: Companhia Olga Roriz, O Espaço do Tempo, Teatro do Elétrico
Acknowledgements: Airfai Ceramics, Fapor, Os Bispos, Porcel, Stephanie Barros Moreira.