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O Fim Foi Visto


Based on Christa Wolf’s Cassandra and extensive research into the Witch Hunt, Teresa Coutinho writes and creates O Fim Foi Visto (The End Has Been Seen).

Like Christa Wolf, who believes that it is up to women to write that will restore peace, as an alternative to the male warlike impulse that has shaped human history, this show focuses on the possibility of avoiding a tragic outcome, if women’s intuition is taken into account.

Combining research and fiction, historical elements and reflections on future political outcomes, Teresa Coutinho imagines a future dictatorship in which women, accused of witchcraft, will once again see their rights brutally restricted. In order to think about the dangerous growth of the far right throughout Europe, the aim here is to create a fable about fear, passivity and the cyclical repetition of mechanisms of oppression by power.

Artistic and Technical Information


creation and text: Teresa Coutinho
interpretation: Tânia Alves, Ana Baptista, Sara de Castro, Rita Cruz, Maria Duarte, Mariana Guarda, Sara Ribeiro, Tanya Ruivo, Ana Sampaio e Maia, Cláudia Semedo, Lúcia Pires, Ana Valente
creative support: Leonor Buescu
video direction: Teresa Coutinho and Mariana Guarda
lighting design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
costume design: Mariana Sá Nogueira
choreography: Teresa Coutinho
movement support: David Marques
sound design: Teresa Coutinho
executive producer: Nuno Pinheiro
communication: Maria João Bilro
financial management and administration: Vítor Alves Brotas
production: Agência 25
co-production: EGEAC – Teatro do Bairro Alto, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli – Campo Alegre, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras