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Walking backwards

© Sara Anjo


“Walking backwards” builds a fable, a possible history of movement, walking backwards and forwards. It traces a path towards the future by looking at the past and reflecting on the invasive and infesting nature that the human species has become, a nature that exploits the earth’s materials as capital, leading to the depletion of the ecosystem.

This danced fable thus evokes an ecosystem inhabited by hybrid and symbiotic beings, whose allegorical and imagistic character reflects and creates possible points of view for the future. It also asks questions such as: What is your environment? What is your horizon? What do you discover when you walk? What does the future tell you?

Accompanying the piece there is a deck of 12 scores, which summon a set of images and ideas that connect the body to the earth.  More information about the deck of scores here.

Artistic and Technical Information


artistic direction and creation: Sara Anjoc
artistic collaboration, performance:  Artur Pispalhas, Natacha Campos, Sara Anjo, Reza Mirabi
sound design: Artur Pispalhas
set design: Martina Manyà
costumes design: Marisa Escaleira
graphic design, illustration: Daniela Rodrigues
light design, tecnhical direction:  Cárin Geada
creation assistance: Flora Détraz
communication: Maria João Bilro
administrative and financial management: Vítor Alves Brotas
production: agência 25
international representation: Cliff Catalyst
coproduction: LU.CA, Materiais Diversos, Teatro Municipal Curvo Semedo, Município de Sardoal (Centro Cultural Gil Vicente / República Portuguesa-Cultura / DGArtes / RTCP – Rede de Teatros e Cineteatros Portugueses)
residencies: Estúdios Vítor Cordon, Oficinas do Convento, Teatro Viriato
coproduction residencies: O Espaço do Tempo
support: República Portugesa | DGartes – Direcção Geral das Artes